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#20 Gold Stocks To Buy: Harmony Gold Mining Co (hmy)

But, you know, there have been many after that, which we didn’t conform to an HDFC Bank kind of pedigree. So, we changed fast enough in the IT boom, which we followed just two years tradelikeagenius after the HDFC Bank report, when suddenly all stocks started to trade at 50-80, 100, 200 times earnings. Infosys was trading, I think at the peak about 300 times earnings.
At the end of the day he has not made me a millionaire, but then again he never promised me he would. tradelikeagenius I’m not entitled to that, if that is what I want it’s my responsibility to make that happen, not his.

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In speaking with victims, it appears that each person was drawn into the scam by searching You Tube for videos regarding day trading or money making opportunities. And each had absolutely no prior experience at investing, day trading stocks, or trading options. In the stock market, leverage trading is when you borrow shares from your broker to take a bigger position in a trade with the hope that your profits will be higher later on. Leverage trading happens all the time with options trading, futures, and buying on margin.

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by the way, his daddy wants to convert all muslims to christianity–which is very insulting to a lot of people. maybe they can go back to egypt and spread that message to the muslim communities. i’m sure they’ll respond in a positive and respectful way. i won’t deny that he has talent and makes money, but he’s not truthful or honest about who he is, preferring to hide in the shadows. Btcoin TOPS 34000$ do you really want johnnie massieh as your financial advisor/educator money when he won’t reveal that’s he’s josh massieh’s little brother? frankly i’d rather find another means of entertaining myself; and not making this immature brat child any richer. you have to love someone that resorts to ghetto talk to get his point across when he knows how to speak professionally.
But, what I can say is that I make much better financial decisions. I now have a long term portfolio with dividends and drips. I bought my first house, and I win in the stock market more than I loose. In a time of Covid-19 where almost everyone is in a panic, I am financially secure for the first time Btc to USD Bonus in my life. I grew up with nothing, and started my Robinhood account with $500. So when your done passing your judgement on him you can kiss my ass. i respect your decision to do what’s right for your life, including joining a cult if that’s really what you want to do, but this guy isn’t the answer.
He chooses to use a fictitious name and stay anonymous, but that is his choice and completely understandable. There are crazy ass people out there that will slit your throat in a heartbeat if they could get away with it and benefit in some way. I use a fictitious name myself, so how can I judge. I do this for self protection and I have conned no one.
i just wish the guy would stop fibbing all the time. listening to him is kind of like listening to scammy jim baker of the old ptl club while stock investing. a guy trying to convince you of his angel like, glorious existence while he’s living off the donations of others. he often boasts about all the real estate he owns, yet a simple search of property records brings up only properties that his family owns. there is absolutely nothing in his name in california. he isn’t the millionaire that he wants you to believe he is. far from it in fact. a few days back he claimed he travelled with a bodyguard.
I don’t know if he has scammed in the past, but I am not seeing any con game with his You-tube tradelikeagenius channel. He is quite hyper and can be moody, but he can also be hysterically funny.
) is an ideal opportunity for those who want exposure to gold stocks but without undue market risk. All Agnico mines are located in Canada, Finland and Mexico, with developmental activities in the U.S. and Sweden. Thus, you’re unlikely to experience repatriation risk with AEM. Although the markets have their own logic, highly capitalized gold-mining companies seemingly should belong on any “stocks to buy” list. Thanks to rising geopolitical tensions and soaring trading sentiment, many folks seek safe-haven assets.

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  • He chooses to use a fictitious name and stay anonymous, but that is his choice and completely understandable.
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  • I have been watching his live stream daily for months, and I think this is an unfair review.

Wait until he offers his other mentorship course for $3k which you get mentored by this garbage trader who makes more off subscribers then actually trading. Must need the money to be coming back with a course after his supercars owned by bikram choudhury got taken away. I’m not sure how you consider him to be a fraud. The guy simply gives tips on how to read the market and how to make big-win predictions with about a 20% probability. If anyone lost money by following his advice, it’s because they only followed SOME of it. A 20% probability trade is gonna lose 4 out of 5 times, so if you just pick and choose which ones you like, you could literally lose on 100% of your picks. i think the guy does have a good strategy for options, but actually throws away all of his integrity by lying about and flaunting his fictitious personal wealth.

Growth Stocks First Off The Starting Line This New Year

These multiples were unheard of back then, it’s still unheard of. But back then, in the Indian of the 90s, they were trading at times as expensive as suddenly these companies were at 50-60. And we said that they Binance blocks Users were too expensive and they should fall and they never fell and they went up times. That again taught us the value of remaining flexible. Seen him pushing his new “free” stock trading room and course lately.

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